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Author's Blog

Since mid 2016, I have maintained a blog at I no longer maintain or contribute to the Facebook group named after the books. I no longer use Facebook at all, whatsoever. However, I may create a Twitter account in the future. If/when I do, I will update that information here.


I am currently editing the video recording of the July 2016 presentation. The content will be made available for viewing and download soon. When they are, this section will be updated.

Audio Book

I am in the process of recording MP3 audio of Volume I. As of 5/5/2017, everything up through Part 3 has been recorded and are available for download on the Multimedia page.

Updating This Website

I, D. Christian Markham, am now the sole maintainer and updater of this website. I haven't heard from D. Rolling Kearney since approximately January of 2016. I'm not much of a web developer, but I am competent at editing HTML and other scripting. I thank Brother Kearney profusely for having created and maintained this website free of charge.