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Readers’ Feedback

“I am a lawyer and a former U.S. military officer. I first became enlightened about and interested in Secret Combinations and our (LD Saints) duties in regards to the Constitution when I was a missionary in 1996. Over the years since then, I have tried to read and stay abreast of these issues as much as I can…

“I downloaded the PDF version of your book last night and added it to my kindle. I then read the first 50 pages… All I can say is WOW! Very well organized, easy to understand and persuasive. It is a book that I do not want to put down so far… I can’t wait to see where you go with it…

“If the rest of the book is anything like the first 50 pages then I will say it is a must read for everyone… I look forward to reading the rest of your book and plan on buying copies to send to family members and close friends.”

John D.

“Your book will hold a place of honor in my library. I don’t give book recommendations lightly, as I know time is valuable…

“It isn’t very often I encounter an author so astoundingly gifted from above. It’s a rare literary work that holds the reader’s attention in a one-on-one conversation-like setting that flows with spiritually sweet edification and passion for the subject at hand. Your gift for writing is such that I without reservation class you with the likes of Parley P. Pratt…

“This book of untold clarity I’m certain came at a cost of many hours away from family and with a soul strained to the limits to drag evil kicking and screaming into the daylight, its identity and hellish designs, revealed to the point of one’s blood running cold… The manner in which this book is being given and presented is a testimony of your love of God and His children. I admire your courage to publish this information…

[To would-be readers:] “Be prepared for some eye opening, startling facts. It’s not for the faint of heart. See it for what it is, a weapon of Light forged against Darkness, come forth at the right time for the Great and Terrible battle that lies ahead of us. D. C. Markham’s work exposes an entity so evil that if you dropped it in a bowl of sunlight, it would just float around, screaming for escape, remaining the inky black-as-pitch glob of 100% pure undiluted evil it is, for all eternity, never being penetrated or changed by the light it is immersed in. An evil that is the perpetrator of all ungodly miseries and woes in this world. An evil that has convinced and deceived the most vile mortals in this earthly kingdom that it can deliver on the promise of eternal life and a position of exalted authority in the universe in exchange for an oath and complete dedication to destroying every child of God come to this earth.

“D.C. Markham has pulled back the curtain to expose the Church of Satan, as it were, led by the Wizard of Oz, in all his dark unhallowed unglory.”

Glenda D.

[From an LDS-themed “Preppers” forum:]

“You have to read this book!!! Some of the documents and quotes included are incredibly powerful, and some I had never seen before in other books that have been written about the “elite.” It explains so well what is happening in our world today and why. Brother Markham has allowed the “elite” to tell the story in their own words and has simply added some explanation on his part.

“Brother Markham doesn’t come across as an inflammatory “nut-case”. There have been books and other information in the past that I would have liked to share with family members, but I know that the family members would not receive the information well because of the extremist tone of the author. I am so excited that this is a book that is detailed and power-packed that I can share with my family members who don’t understand what is happening behind the scenes in our world. [One family member], who thinks that all this preparation activity is crazy, is seeing things very differently after reading only a few parts of the book that I asked him to look at. He is ready to read the whole book. That is a miracle!”