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Supplemental Material

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Volume I

The following links correspond to the additional material mentioned in the footnotes of the book.

Introduction and Prologue

Ezra Taft Benson recommends Gary Allen's Book None Dare Call It Conspiracy in General Conference, Video. Page 9.

None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen, Book. Page 9.

The Principal's Office Scene from The Incredibles, Video. Page 25.

Part 1

Approaching Zion, Chapter 6: How Firm a Foundation! What Makes It So, by Hugh Nibley, File. Page 34.

Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians by Manly P Hall, Book. Page 54.

CRATA REPOA Or Initiations into the ancient, secret society of the Egyptian Priests by Nick Farrell, Book. Page 72.

Translation (or Transfiguration), Book. Page 86.

Part 2

Alleged oath of the Knights of Columbus connected to Jesuits — 02-15-1913 Congressional Record, File. Page 103.

Works of Hugh Nibley, Files. Page 105.

LDS Church Office Building, Images. Page 112.

Vatican Images, Images. Page 113.

Mormon Doctrine Saga, Article. Page 114.

The Kolob Theorem by Lynn M. Hilton, Book. Page 136.

19th Century India Snakes and Ladders, Image. Page 142.

Introduction from Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity by Manly P Hall, File. Page 150.

Part 3

In The Coils; Or, The Coming Conflict, By Dr. Groves, Book. Page 174.

10,000 Famous Freemasons, Book. Page 181.

Relationship Between Mormonism and Freemasonry by Anthony W Ivins, Book. Page 182.

Mormonism and Masonry by E Cecil McGavin, Book. Page 182.

FairLDS Article On Temple Stars, Article. Page 190.

Tom McKkenney Letter, File. Page 200.

Images Of The Cathedral Of Strasbourg, France, Images. Page 219.

Fundamental Laws: A Report Of The 68Th Convocation Of The Rose Cross Order (1916), Book. Page 230.

1928 One Dollar Bill Reverse Side, Image. Page 239.

Capitol Hill Owl, Image. Page 240.

Washington DC Symbolic Street Layout, Image. Page 240.

Hidden Owl On The One Dollar Bill, Image. Page 240.

Washington Monument, Image. Page 240.

Bilderberg Agenda Exposed By James E Tucker Jr., Article. Page 245.

The Secret Rulers Of The World By Jon Ronson, Book. Page 245.

Collegiate Secret Societies Of North America, Article. Page 248.

Skull And Bones Insignia, Image. Page 248.

George Bush (Jr.) Skull And Bones, Image. Page 248.

George Bush (Sr.) Skull And Bones, Image. Page 248.

Skull And Bones Yale Group Photo 1800s, Image. Page 248.

Old Skull And Bones Photo, Image. Page 248.

The Skull And Bones Tomb, Image. Page 248.

Skull And Bones Photo 1917, Image. Page 248.

George W Bush Skull And Bones, Image. Page 248.

Meet The Press Bush And Kerry Interviews, Video. Page 249.

An Introduction To Skull And Bones By Anthony C Sutton, Article. Page 249.

60 Minutes Skull And Bones Whitewash 2003, Image. Page 249.

CNN Skull And Bones Whitewash 2009, Image. Page 249.

Ralph Nader At Skull And Bones Tomb 2004, Image. Page 249.

Ron Rosenbaum’s 1977 Esquire Article About Skull And Bones, Article. Page 250.

1977 Esquire Article About Skull And Bones, Article. Page 250.

The Atlantic Skull And Bones Article May 2000, Article. Page 250.

Nixon Tape Discusses Homosexuality At Bohemian Grove, Video. Page 254.

Rush Limbaugh - Bohemian Grove Call, Audio. Page 254.

Bohemian Grove - Incomplete Camps List, Image. Page 255.

Bohemian Grove - Incomplete Membership List, Image. Page 255.

Bohemian Grove Article (Wikipedia), Image. Page 255.

Bohemians And The Bohemian Grove By Joël Van Der Reijden, Image. Page 255.

List Of [Known] Bohemian Club Members (Wikipedia), Image. Page 255.

Various Photos From Bohemian Grove, Image. Page 255.

Alex Jones Questions David Gergen About Bohemian Grove Cremation Of Care Ritual, Video. Page 256.

Bohemian Grove Cremation Of Care Ritual, Video. Page 256.

Capitol Hill Owl, Image. Page 258.

Hidden Owl On The One Dollar Bill, Image. Page 258.

Photos From The Annals Of Bohemian Grove, Images. Page 259.

Michael Clayton – ‘Heart Attack’ Assassination Scene, Video. Page 261.

The Invisible Government By Dan Smoot, Book. Page 264.

Louis T Mcfadden’s U.S. House Speech 10 June 1932, File. Page 272.

The US Navy And UN Operations, Article. Page 274.

Un Secretary-General Trygve Lie Swearing In, Video. Page 275.

George HW Bush - New World Order Un Speech, Video. Page 279.

George HW Bush – State Of The Union Address 1991, Video. Page 280.

Part 4

Transcript Of Marion Law Fireside, Image. Page 296.

Sgt Peppers Cover - Aleister Crowley Number 2, Image. Page 304.

W Cleon Skousen - Ripped Them To Shreds, Audio. Page 305.

Humanist Manifesto I, File. Page 322.

Humanist Manifesto II, File. Page 322.

Oprah Denies Christ’s Divinity, Video. Page 336.

Description Of The Behavioral Structure Of The Training, Article. Page 336.

Crowley And Hubbard Oct 5 1969 The Sunday Times, Image. Page 338.

L Ron Hubbard Oct 5 1969 The Sunday Times, Image. Page 338.

Self Help Or Lost Hope - Deseret News, Article. Page 340.

Self Awareness Group Online Ripoff Report, Article. Page 342.

A Bugs Life Clip, Video. Page 366.

Oil Price Shock Research - Princeton, Article. Page 376.

Vital Speeches: Education's Role By Beverly K Eakman, File. Page 394.

List Of Fallacies (Wikipedia), Article. Page 402.

Who Owns The Media?, Article. Page 408.

Conspiracy Theory Rock Mediaopoly, Video. Page 411.

Transcript Of Conspiracy Theory Rock, File. Page 411.

Newt Gingrich Denies Bohemian Grove Existence, Video. Page 418.

Alan Greenspan – Use Of Fedspeak 60 Minutes 09-16-2007, Video. Page 419.

Greenspan Describes Greenspeak Fedspeak Cnbc 09-17-2007, Video. Page 420.

Agent Provocateurs At Canadian SPP Protest, Video. Page 427.

Police State 4 Clips, Video. Page 427.

Princess Bride - Humperdink And Rugen Scene, Video. Page 428.

Operation Northwoods Interview With James Bamford, Video. Page 429.

Operation Northwoods Declassified Document, File. Page 429.

Stand Up For Freedom By Ezra Taft Benson, Speech. Page 435.

Clip Of Aaron Russo Interview, Video. Page 438.

Raw Transcript Of Aaron Russo Clip, File. Page 438.

Aaron Russo With Nick Rockefeller, Image. Page 438.

Why Indeed Did The World Trade Center Buildings Completely Collapse? By Prof. Steven Jones, Article. Page 443.

100 Professors Question 911, File. Page 443.

CNN Transcript 12-28-09, File. Page 447.

CNN Interview Of Kurt And Lori Haskell December 29 2009 Broadcast, Video. Page 447.

John Tyner Full TSA Encounter, Video. Page 453.

Meg Mclain Singled Out By The Tsa, Cuffed To A Chair, Her Ticket Ripped Up, Video. Page 453.

Susie Castillo Miss Usa 2003 Dallas Tsa Experience 04-27-11, Video. Page 453.

Kurt Haskell Infowars Interview 02-19-12, Video. Page 459.

Partial Transcript Of 02-19-12 Kurt Haskell Interview, File. Page 459.

C-Span Callers Vs DHS Senior Correspondent Brazenly Lying, Video. Page 464.


List Of Bilderberg Attendees, And Bilderberg 2009 List Of Attendees, File. Page 487.

Nixon Tape Discusses Homosexuality At Bohemian Grove, Video. Page 498.

Mark Dice Calls To Talk Radio Shows, Audio. Page 500.

Why Indeed Did The World Trade Center Towers Completely Collapse? By Dr. Steven E. Jones, Article. Page 524.

Dr. Steven Jones' 9-11 Presentation At Uvu 2006, Video. Page 527.

Volume II

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