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also how everyone — and I mean everyone — is inadvertently assisting them, whether we acknowledge it or not.

It is folly for Church members to assume that the LDS General Authorities are required to lay all this out for us — to expose and declare everything plainly to us, say, during General Conference. We have the Book of Mormon, we have their prophetic warnings already — to expect anything more from them is equivalent to seeking to place our personal responsibility upon their shoulders. Should LDS members, even a vast majority of them, be deceived by wolves in sheep clothing — whether in government or even within the Church (as J. Reuben Clark strongly implies both) — they cannot expect to be clued into the deception by the leaders of the Church.

There are some excellent books by LDS authors that expound upon some of the more historical and political manifestations of matters of conspiracy and deception that I present in this book. Some of those which I highly recommend include:

If the reader has read one or more of these books, then he or she already has a considerable understanding. However, this work pierces straight to the heart of the devil’s kingdom by exposing and expounding upon “straight from the horse’s mouth” evidence. It is well worth one’s time to read this book cover-to-cover even if one has read each of these others.

Lastly, this book and the included supporting material is composed in a way that is conducive to the Holy Spirit being present and able to witness to the reader the truth of the contents. Recall that there is much disturbing information in the Book of Mormon, especially the letters that Moroni transcribes from his father, which describe in detail the horrendous carnage perpetrated on their people, and even worse atrocities committed by their own people 12. When presented appropriately, the Holy Spirit is not offended by disturbing truths and will testify of the veracity of such, no matter how disheartening those truths may be.



Refer to Book of Moroni chapter 9 in The Book of Mormon