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or societies in existence; of which the Jesuits and Opus Dei seemingly only scratch the surface 3. Compelling testimony from witnesses and victims claiming Jesuit involvement in horrendous crimes against humanity is covered in Part 5 of this book. Additionally, there is a document being circulated around the Internet which purports to be a valid transcript of a Jesuit oath, for those initiated into the Knights of Columbus. The source of this oath transcript is from the U.S. Congressional Record dated February 15th, 1913 on pages 3215 and 3216. (A scan of these pages is provided in the supporting material 4.) However, it was entered into the record as part of a complaint by a candidate for public office, who insisted that it is a fabrication and hoax which was being widely circulated near the time of election by his opponent. This was done in an attempt to derail his campaign and generate fear in the populace because he is a Catholic. Therefore, despite this “oath” being in the Congressional Record, it’s veracity is wholly unverifiable. The likeliness of it being unreliable and erroneous is very high.

There is one historical figure who was connected to the Jesuits, whose evil works are tremendously relevant today: Adam Weishaupt, who founded the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1st, 1776. He was reportedly a Jesuit, yet some sources say that he apostatized, others say he formed the Bavarian Illuminati under orders of his superiors. Because information regarding Weishaupt is readily available in numerous other sources of conspiracy literature, I shall not cover him in this book. However, I wish to emphasize that due to there being a tremendous focus on Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati, I fear that its overall role and influence in historical conspiratorial matters is resoundingly overstated. There are far more numerous, more dominant, more influential and more widespread organizations abounding in this world, which are touched upon in Part 3 of this book. Weishaupt and his Bavarian Illuminati are merely a drop in the Mystery Babylon bucket.

All in all, though, the external Roman Catholic Church (that the members and the rest of the world witness each and every day) functions not unlike a decoy, an attention diversion. It is a terrifically garish veneer among the divisions of Mystery Babylon. There are plenty of credible books and resources one can locate with extensive historical accounts of the pagan roots and atrocities committed by the Catholic Church and its clergy over the centuries (not to mention the pedophilia scandals that began surfacing in the 1980’s, later to explode in number from 2001 on, resulting in numerous lawsuits, all settled out of court 5).

As covered in the next section: where there’s smoke, there’s mirrors — meaning that whenever rumors and whisperings (i.e. smoke) are surfacing about hidden evil deeds (i.e. fire), a concentrated, organized conspiratorial effort is made to deflect, disrupt, discredit and dismiss (i.e. mirrors) any



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Alleged oath of the Knights of Columbus connected to Jesuits — 02-15-1913 Congressional Record

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