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Catholicism is not much more than an exoteric shell of religiosity — in the same vein as those exoteric shells of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome — which hides an esoteric core of initiates and secret doctrines deep within. Except, in this case, the shell utilizes Christ, His mother, His apostles, His atonement, His good works, as well as twisting His sacred words to mask the Luciferian doctrines deeply concealed within.

Is it any wonder then that the angel speaking to Nephi labels it the “most abominable above all other churches” within the multi-tentacled monstrosity of The Church of the Devil which holds the entire world in its clutches?

LDS Church Office Building

Contrasted To The Vatican

Anyone is welcome to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, and visit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ headquarters — located adjacent to the temple. It is a sizable, functional structure that is comparatively minimalistic, especially taking into account the headquarters of other world-wide religions. There is nothing terribly extravagant about this location, and the functions that take place within it are similar to any other kind of office-based organizational management 9.

In 1998, I was employed at the church office building as an Information Technology contractor. My office was on the 19th floor of the building. As a computer specialist, it was my job to visit everywhere within the building in repairing or deploying computers and components. I can personally attest to the modesty and simplicity of the decor and adornment throughout the entire building. I was considerably surprised to find that the walls, carpeting, decorations, framed pictures, and just about anything both functional and ornamental within the building were no better in quality nor aesthetics than that which is found in any average LDS meeting house anywhere in the United States, or throughout the world for that matter. It was quite modest both in decor and equipment, in comparison to what I’ve witnessed within the halls of several large companies I worked for over the years. The lobby is possibly the most elaborate part of the building, and yet it is also modest in comparison to the headquarters of other worldwide organizations.

Truly, if anyone were to view photos of anywhere inside of the LDS Church’s headquarters without being told what they were looking at, they’d likely conclude that it was an average office building. Only the LDS Church’s holy temples are lavishly and ornately decorated.

Compare that to the Vatican:



LDS Church Office Building

lds church office building exterior 1 lds church office building exterior 2 lds church office building exterior 3 lds church office building exterior 4

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