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A Fraternal Veneer to Attract and Bind the
Loyalty of Prominent Men

It is critical to understand that an alarming number of the most successful and influential men in the world today, in every conceivable institution both public and private, religious and secular, are Freemasons – and a considerable number of them are highly ranked and zealously participate within the organization.

According to records that have been disclosed, no fewer than 15 American presidents were Freemasons, including:

George Washington Andrew Johnson Warren Harding
James Monroe James Garfield Franklin Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson William McKinley Harry Truman
James Polk Theodore Roosevelt Gerald Ford
James Buchanan Howard Taft and Bill Clinton

Additionally, no fewer than six Prime Ministers of Canada, and ten Prime Ministers of Australia were Freemasons. These are only the leaders of these nations.

If one continues to explore the sheer number of Freemasons who have ever held or currently hold both elected office and non-elected positions within federal, state, and local levels of the United States and other western governments, the numbers are simply staggering.

The list almost seems endless – one can peruse the four hefty volumes that make up the massive 1957 work 10,000 Famous Freemasons and seemingly become overwhelmed. (a PDF of this 2500+ page collection is included in the supporting material.) 1 And this volume comprises the names of only the Masonic brethren whose worldly achievements have excelled enough to be worth mentioning, up until the date of publication.

Acknowledging this reality, the question then becomes: If one is a Freemason, does it automatically make him a devil worshiper, or does it automatically indicate in any other way that he is a bad person?

The answer, obviously, is a resounding “No, of course not!” Does having a personal Swiss or offshore-island banking account automatically make one an embezzling felon?

However, precisely as Dr. Groves eloquently expresses his concerns about Bates in his letter, the oaths of Masonry which each man is required to



10,000 Famous Freemasons

Download the Book: PDF (7.6 MB)

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