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As for the great hullabaloo which anti-Masons and anti-Mormon Christians make about the symbology on the Nauvoo, Logan and Salt Lake City temples which happen to be shared with Freemasonry – namely the pentagram (a five-pointed star within a circle), the handshake, the all-seeing eye, etc – I have four words: God creates, Satan imitates. Some examples:

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began using both upright and inverted five-pointed stars in Temple architecture, dating from the Nauvoo Illinois Temple, which was dedicated on 30 April 1846. Other temples decorated with five-pointed stars in both orientations include the Salt Lake Temple, and the Logan Temple. These symbols derived from traditional Morning Star pentagrams that are no longer commonly used by other Christian denominations 7.

“The stars [on the temples] are associated in the book of Revelation passage with a “crown" which is a symbol of royalty. In another section of the book of Revelation Jesus Christ proclaims His descent through the royal lineage that is within the house of Israel and then pronounces one of His titles: “I am the… offspring of David, and the bright… morning star" (Revelation 22:16). This is the title that nineteenth century Latter-day Saints assigned to the inverted five-pointed star. One of these emblems was put into place on the east tower of the Logan, Utah temple in 1880. An eyewitness to the event reported the following which was printed in a major newspaper: “Carved upon the keystone is a magnificent star, called the Star of the Morning."

“In 1985 LDS Church Architect Emil B. Fetzer stated that the inverted stars on early LDS temples were not sinister but were “symbolic of Christ.” He said that when the LDS Church “uses the pentagram or sunstone in an admirable, wholesome and uplifting context, this does not preclude another organization’s using the same symbols in an evil context.”

“A connection between the “inverted pentagram" and Satan “is almost certainly a 19th century invention by Eliphas Levi," who was a “defrocked priest." He did not begin publishing references to this idea until 1854, a decade after the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith.” 8

An extensive FairLDS article concerning this symbology is included in the supporting material for further study 9.

Confederate General:

One of Masonry’s Most Celebrated Figures

Recall what Dr. Groves previously wrote:

“When I tell you that the “Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander of the United States," of whom every Mason in the country is a sworn



Source – (emphasis added)


Source – (emphasis added)


FairLDS article on temple stars

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