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“There were some extremely prominent men there that day, including a Scandinavian King, two former presidents of the United States, an internationally prominent evangelist, two other internationally prominent clergymen, and a very high official of the federal government, the one who actually presented me with the certificate of the 33rd Degree.

“Some made only brief appearances; others stayed much longer. However, they didn‘t do much mixing or socializing with us, except for those whom they already knew. Even though these celebrities weren‘t extremely “brotherly,” it was still quite an experience for me just to be associated with them. It was easily the largest gathering of such prominent and influential men of which I have ever been a part.

“The third day there was a banquet to celebrate our becoming “Grand Inspectors General. 33rd Degree.” The banquet was a little anticlimactic, at least for me, and I was anxious to get it over with so I could return home. It was good to be a 33rd at last. But it wasn‘t as exciting or fulfilling as I had thought it would be during all those years in the Craft.

“I guess this was because of the profound changes going on down deep within me.”

The external organizations of Freemasonry form the benevolent- appearing outer exoteric shell of a deeply occult inner esoteric mystery school group. The outer shell, which only the public and lesser-degreed Masons witness, serves not only as a multi-layered cover for this group, but also as a fertile recruiting ground to bring talented, ambitious, worldly- power-seeking men up into it.

As evidenced by Brother Jim Shaw‘s personal account, the 33rd Degree functions as a final gateway between the exoteric shell and the inner esoteric occult group. Depending upon a candidate‘s performance during the one-on- one interviews, it will be conclusively determined by those decision-makers within the esoteric core whether or not to admit him. Again, recall the following:

“When the next man came out, I asked him, “Did they ask you if you are a Christian?” He said, “Yes, they did.” “What did you tell them?” I asked, and he replied, “I told them ‘Hell no, and I never intend to be!‘”

“Then he said a strange thing to me, “They said I‘m going higher,” and he left through a different door, looking pleased.”

Those like Mr. Shaw, who are unsuspectingly-rejected from advancing into the esoteric mystery school core, are given to think that they truly have reached “the top of the mountain” within Masonry. They are duly rewarded for all their diligence and passion by receiving the highest honors of the exoteric shell – and for this they shall be worldly-rewarded, at minimum, in



Tom McKenney Letter

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A letter written and signed by Tom McKenney, the book‘s co-author, provides the following extended information. It states the following: “Yes, Jim died in April; Bonnie is bedfast since an accident in which their car was sabotaged several years ago. “I had named those men in the manuscript, but the names were removed before publication. [Ed. note: Huntington House refused to publish unless the names were removed.] They were: King of Denmark, [Former U.S. President Harry S.] Truman (zealous Mason); [Former U.S. President Dwight D.] Eisenhower (non-Mason); Billy Graham; Norman Vincent Peale (zealous Mason); Daniel Polling; and, I‘m sorry to say, J. Edgar Hoover. “I have a file on Graham in my office, but not with me. Jim said he was a 33º Mason; he publicly endorsed Order of Demo [Ed. note: i.e. Order of DeMolay, the Masonic organization for young men under 21] and he is known to have attended 2 Scottish-Rite Maundy Thursday black communions. I became convinced that he is a Mason when I wrote and asked him; all I got was an elaborate non-answer.”