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What if we are able to look into the depths of darkness and shine the light of public awareness upon the roots of evil — the place where the noxious weeds of confusion, the poisonous flowers of temptation, and thorned branches of addiction spring from?

A secret cannot continue to exist when exposed. A conspiracy cannot continue to function if everyone (who has not sided with it) has been convinced of its existence.

Once one fully comprehends where the roots of evil lie, the veneer of deception that the whole world is blinded with becomes translucent and easier to penetrate. Those who have a testimony of Jesus Christ can gain a powerful understanding of how the kingdom of the devil functions and thrives in the world — and the wolves and serpents become easier to identify.

An Allegory of How Conspiracy Works

The manner in which a conspiracy functions needs to be understood. The basics of conspiracy is manifested in a memorable scene from the animated film The Incredibles. The setting of the story is as follows:

The protagonists are the Parr family: five family members who (as others in this movie’s world) have been born with superhuman powers. They are referred to as “Supers.” Due to a series of destructive accidents, lawsuits and bad press, the Supers must do all they can to conceal their powers from the general public. For over a decade, they have been living a common-man livelihood.

In one scene (which is included in the supporting material 13) Mrs. Parr is called into the principal’s office of her children’s elementary school. Her son, Dash — gifted with the ability to move at lightning speeds — is a troublemaker. Mrs. Parr (also a Super) is informed that Dash is putting thumbtacks on the teacher’s stool. When Dash balks at this accusation, his balding, stuffy, tightly-wound teacher retorts “Look! I know it’s you!”

Despite Mrs. Parr suspecting that her son is guilty, she questions the teacher, “You saw him do this?” When the teacher confesses that he didn’t, she presses him, “Then how do you know it was him?” The teacher then presents a video tape from a secret camera. A terrified expression flashes on Dash’s face. His mother sees it, and now knows for sure that he’s guilty.

On the video, as the teacher goes to sit down on his stool, Dash’s body flickers for a split second. Once the teacher connects with the stool, he jumps up in pain and the classroom erupts in laughter. Dash and his mother pretend to not be able to see Dash’s flash of movement, and the principal



The Principal's Office Scene from The Incredibles

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