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Patriarch so and so. The outside world are known as Gentiles and vandals…”

In 1977, Ron Rosenbaum wrote an article in Esquire magazine, which gives an account of his delving into Skull and Bones records that were obtained by the snooping of other Yale fraternities (emphasis added) 12:

“… I have in my possession a set of annotated floor plans of the interior of the tomb, giving the location of the sanctum sanctorum, the room called 322. And tonight I received a dossier on Bones ritual secrets that was compiled from the archives of another [competing Yale] secret society… Let me tell you what [the dossier] says about the initiation, the center of some of the most lurid apocryphal rumors about Bones. According to the dossier, the Bones initiation ritual of 194º [Ed. note: read that again – 194th degree] went like this:

““New man placed in coffin – carried into central part of the building. New man chanted over and ‘reborn’ into society. Removed from coffin and given robes with symbols on it. (sic) A bone with his name on it is tossed into bone heap at start of every meeting. Initiates plunged into mud pile.””

Recall how George H.W. Bush responded to Barbara Walters in 1988 when being asked if he is a Christian: “If by being a Christian, you ask if I am ‘Born Again,’ then yes, I am a Christian.” What true believer in the New Testament account of Jesus Christ answers this question in this manner?

Bush was “born again” as a Bonesman, as his father and son were. It involves ceremonial rites similar to those discussed in the earlier chapters about Egypt, namely the initiate being required to lie within a coffin for an extended period of time while portions of the rites are performed around him, then eventually he is raised up out of the coffin into his new life as an initiate – thus he is “born again.” When any of the Bush family (or any other initiate of the mystery schools, for that matter) declare that they are “born again,” they are intentionally misleading listeners to believe that they are “born again” in the Christian sense.

God creates, Satan imitates.

Why It Is Relevant

Continuing with segments from Sutton’s Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones (emphasis added):

“Most members are from the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Members are all males [until comparatively recently] and almost all White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. In great part they descended from English Puritan families. These families either intermarried with financial power or invited… money moguls whose sons became members of The Order…



Ron Rosenbaum’s 1977 Esquire Article about Skull and Bones

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