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operates in a series of concentric circles and like The Order consists of old line families allied with private merchant bankers, known in the U.S. as investment bankers.

“The Group’s objective is recorded in Cecil Rhodes’ will:

““The extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom and of colonization by British subjects of all lands… and the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire.”

“Both The Group and The Order are unwilling or unable to bring about a global society by voluntary means, so they opted for coercion. To do this they have created wars and revolutions, they have ransacked public treasuries, they have oppressed, they have pillaged, they have lied – even to their own countrymen.

“The activities of The Order are directed towards changing our society, changing the world, to bring about a New World Order. This will be a planned order with heavily restricted individual freedom, without Constitutional protection, without national boundaries or cultural distinction… Part of this activity has been in cooperation with The Group, with its parallel and recorded objectives.

“We know the elements in society that will have to be changed in order to bring about this New World Order; we can then examine The Order’s actions in this context.

“Most of us believe that the State exists to serve the individual, not vice versa. The Order believes the opposite… The discussion and the funding