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The exoteric explanation given of Dull Care is that it represents everyday responsibilities, stress and all that is mundane, and that these men come to the Grove to be completely liberated and released of such for a raucous two weeks. However, the ritual is steeped with deeply esoteric mystery school elements, and is as elaborately and solemnly performed as an any given Masonic or other secret society initiation rite.

The true meaning of Dull Care – the desperately unwanted entity desired to be banished from the Grove – is the conscience, the Light of Christ within each of us: the source of Godly sorrow, remorse, and genuine guilt that leads to repentance. As Cain rejoiced upon the slaying of Abel, announcing that he was free, the mystery school initiates and their guests who attend Bohemian Grove (wittingly or not) rejoice in banishing Christ from their own private section of the Redwood Forest. Thereupon, they genteelly meet and greet by day, and thereafter proceed to enjoy the provided raucous entertainment at night, or engage whatever guilty pleasure they fancy. While many of these activities are probably comparatively mild, such as binge alcohol or narcotics consumption (which is reported by multiple sources), there are detailed eyewitness accounts of depravity and atrocities occurring in remote cabins. Merely one example: former Oklahoma State Senator John DeCamp includes documented testimony in his book The Franklin Cover-up, wherein orphan boys were helicoptered into Bohemian Grove to be raped and tortured. One was shot in the head at point blank range, and the others were forced to consume some of his raw flesh.

As for the 40-foot owl statue/idol, there’s a great deal of speculation floating around whistleblowing groups that it is representative of the pagan deity, Molech (alternate spelling: Moloch), to which human sacrifices were performed by a variety of ancient cultures.

While the Bohemian Grove ritual may include a faux-human sacrifice, I personally think that others are jumping to conclusions in equating the 40- foot owl idol with Molech. I come to this conclusion because there are too many dissimilarities other than the sacrifice factor.

Additionally, recall that in the ancient Egypt initiations – the Crata Repoa – once the Fourth Degree was conferred upon an initiate he was made part of an Order whose symbol was that of Isis in the shape of an owl. Perhaps this great owl idol is a representation of Isis.

The bottom line, though, is that it doesn’t matter if the owl represents any other “god” than what they refer to it as in the ritual: “the Great Owl of Bohemia.” What is relevant are the esoteric meanings behind owl symbology in the mystery schools. Owls: