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In effect, these are precisely the attributes which are valued highest by those who are members of the Bohemian Club, those who attend the Grove, and those who seek to join it (even willing to be on a waiting list of upwards of fifteen years to gain that privilege). Therefore, it only follows that their solemn annual faux-human sacrifice ritual be performed to an idol of a creature that embodies all these esoteric traits.

Recall also that owl symbolism graces both the grounds of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. as well as the upper right-hand corner of the front of the one dollar bill 19. Likely these two particular owls have nothing to do with the Bohemian Club, but undoubtedly have everything to do with the influence of mystery school initiates that have infested our nation’s federal government for nearly two centuries.

Why It Is Relevant

Reflect that, for over 100 years of its now-140 year history, almost nothing was publicly known about Bohemian Grove. It was all but completely unknown to everyone outside of the circles of the elite and their most trusted sycophants. Even when attempts were first made by some in the 1970’s to expose it, little to no real evidence could be obtained – merely incredulous word-of-mouth rumors of strange dealings in the redwoods of California, supposedly involving closet-homosexual Republicans and the filthy rich, where they worship a giant stone owl and burn to death a human sacrifice.

But now, thanks to some truly brave individuals, its existence and the reality of what transpires within can no longer be denied. It has become very



Capitol Hill owl

Capitol Hill owl

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Hidden Owl on the One Dollar Bill

Hidden Owl on the One Dollar Bill

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