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difficult to whitewash, dismiss, or disregard as merely a bunch of drunk Republicans urinating on redwood trees.

“For Republicans the club is an antechamber [Ed. note: i.e. foyer, waiting room] to the White House. [Ed. note: this is not entirely true. Many Democrats attend the Grove as well. There’s even a photo of Jimmy Carter, a former president who is a Democrat, in the Bohemian Club’s annals 20.] Teddy Roosevelt was a member, [as] was Herbert Hoover. In his memoirs Hoover wrote that within one hour of Calvin Coolidge’s announcement in 1927 that he would not run again,

““a hundred men – editors, publishers, public officials and others from all over the country who were at the Grove, came to my camp demanding that I announce my candidacy.”

“Hoover was at the Grove again the following summer, as he had been with some considerable regularity since 1911, when news came that Republicans had chosen him for their candidate.

A speech to the industrial and financial titans clustered for one of the Grove’s famous lakeside talks could make or break a candidacy. After a poor reception, Nelson Rockefeller abandoned his bid for the Republican nomination in 1964. Richard Nixon, like Hoover a member of the Cave Man’s camp inside the Grove, got a rapturous reception in 1967 and pressed forward to the nomination and the White House.

It was at the Bohemian Grove that America’s nuclear weapons program was first devised by physicists such as Grove members Ernest O. Lawrence and Edward Teller – meeting with other members who were then in government, all confident of the security of the redwood clubhouse built by [famed architect] Bernard Maybeck… in 1904.

“European leaders travel discreetly to the Grove to address the American elite. German chancellor Helmut Schmidt (not to be confused with Club members Chauncey E. Schmidt or Jon Eugene Schmidt) strolled its paths with club member Henry Kissinger, as did French socialist leader Michael Rocard.

“Where else could such men hope to chat privately with the head of IBM, a couple of Rockefellers, bankers galore, a Justice of the US Supreme Court and Charlton Heston? Even the prickly Lee Kuan Yew [the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore] hastened to visit the club, only to have the mortification of being mistaken for a waiter.” 21

(Refer to Appendix E for transcripts of calls to prominent nationally syndicated talk show hosts who were questioned about Bohemian Grove. Their reactions and responses are greatly revealing.)

However, possibly the most relevant (and unfortunate) aspect of the



Photos from the Annals of Bohemian Grove

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From Alexander Cockburn’s article Meet the Secret Rulers of the World, June 16, 2001 (emphasis added)