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mystery school elites. It is possible that he was murdered for doing so. If so, it’s only right to commend him. (There are reports of numerous ways on how covert killings are made to appear as natural heart failure fatalities. I will not expound on them, but should the reader doubt this possibility I recommend viewing a scene from the film Michael Clayton, included in the supporting material 22, in which modern professional assassins carry out and stage such in under three minutes.)

Having said that, I cannot caution the reader strongly enough that Eyes Wide Shut contains tremendously disturbing content, including a detailed re- enactment of a mystery school ritual, convincing dramatization of mind- controlled adolescent sex slaves (the reality of which is covered in a later chapter) and multiple highly pornographic scenes.

Branch Organizations To Be Aware Of

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

What It Is

“Founded in 1921 and headquartered at 58 East 68th Street in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C., the CFR is considered to be the nation’s “most influential foreign-policy think tank”. It publishes a bi-monthly journal, Foreign Affairs

“The Council on Foreign Relations, a sister organization to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London (commonly known as Chatham House), was formed in 1922 as a noncommercial, nonpolitical organization supporting American foreign relations…

“Today it has about 5,000 members (including five-year term members between the ages of 30-41), which over its history have included senior serving politicians, more than a dozen Secretaries of State, former national security officers, bankers, lawyers, professors, former CIA members and senior media figures…”

Pertinent Information

“Beginning in 1939 and lasting for five years, the Council achieved much greater prominence within the government and the State Department when it established the strictly confidential War and Peace Studies, funded entirely by the Rockefeller Foundation. The secrecy surrounding this group was such that the Council members who were not involved in its deliberations were completely unaware of the study group’s



Michael Clayton – ‘Heart Attack’ Assassination scene

Download the Video: MP4 (22.1 MB)