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killing and violence. They have never kept peace anywhere on this globe. Their sole function is to replace the U.S. Military – dissolve all four branches of our armed forces. Their allegiance is only to the United Nations Charter which does not recognize the U.S. Constitution. This body is made up almost exclusively of communists and leaders of the bloodiest regimes on this globe. Their history and operating agenda is apparent to anyone who takes the time to sincerely and with an open mind, research the facts of this organization, separating truth from myth. Bilderberger participants (another group committed to one-world domination) in 1992 called for ‘conditioning the public to accept the idea of a U.N. army that could, by force, impose its will on the internal affairs of any nation.”

Paul Harvey, legendary nationwide syndicated radio broadcaster 43

“The United Nations is the greatest fraud in all History. Its purpose is to destroy the United States.”

John E. Rankin, 16-term Representative in U.S. Congress and a leading member of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) 44

What It Is

The textbook description of the United Nations and it’s various branches and agencies is as follows:

“The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions.

“There are 193 member states, including every internationally recognised sovereign state in the world but Vatican City. [Ed. note: when China was admitted into the U.N. on November 24th, 1971, it took over Taiwan R.O.C.’s seat. In other words, in order to appease China, Taiwan is no longer acknowledged by the U.N. as sovereign.] From its offices around the world, the UN and its specialized agencies decide on substantive and administrative issues in regular meetings held throughout the year.

“The United Nations’ system is based on five principal organs[:] the General Assembly (the main deliberative assembly); the Security Council (for deciding certain resolutions for peace and security); the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) (for assisting in promoting international economic and social cooperation and development); the Secretariat (for providing studies, information, and facilities needed by the UN); and the International Court of Justice (the primary judicial organ).

“Other prominent UN System agencies include the World Health



From Paul Harvey’s September 24th, 1993 broadcast (emphasis added)


Recorded in 1945


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