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Organization (WHO), the World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)… the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the World Bank and… the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“It is through these agencies that the UN performs most of its humanitarian work. Examples include mass vaccination programmes (through the WHO), the avoidance of famine and malnutrition (through the work of the WFP) and the protection of vulnerable and displaced people (for example, by the UNHCR)…

“The UN’s most prominent position is Secretary-General which has been held by Ban Ki-moon of South Korea since 2007… The United Nations Headquarters resides in international territory in New York City, with further main offices at Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna.” 45

Pertinent Information

“[The] Secretariat [is] the organ that administers and coordinates the activities of the United Nations. It is headed by the UN secretary-general. The Secretariat influences the work of the United Nations to a degree much greater than indicated in the UN Charter. This influence largely results from the fact that the Secretariat’s staff is composed of permanent expert officials, rather than political appointees of member nations. The staff is… required to take an oath of loyalty to the United Nations and are not permitted to receive instructions from their home governments…” 46 [from Encyclopedia Britannica]

All permanent staff and those appointed to chair positions in the United Nations are required to take the following oath (emphasis added):

“I solemnly affirm to exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience the functions entrusted to me as a member of the international service of the United Nations, to discharge those functions and regulate my conduct with the interest of the United Nations only in view and not to seek or accept instructions in respect to the performance of my duties from any government or other authority external to the organization.” 47

As noble, honorable and benevolent as the United Nations makes itself sound, it is nothing more than an elite-directed supranational entity, designed from its inception to supersede the sovereignty of all nation states, especially the United States.

The first attempt to establish an entity such as this was The League of Nations, which was pitched after the end of World War I. It was vigorously promoted by then-President Woodrow Wilson.

“With the end of the First World War, United States president Woodrow



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UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie Swearing In

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