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satanic communism and those who support their doctrines.’

“Let me tell you some of the kinds of doctrines that we face…

“Let me explain to you what dialectic materialism is. [A] dialectic materialist is one who does not believe in God. We’re so programmed by the Lord Himself to believe in God – that’s our nature. We’re children of a divine Father. It is put into us. It’s a part of our genes almost that there is a God and we believe in that God. Now if you don’t believe in God then what do you believe in? You must believe in a God. So God becomes something—the greatest being you know. Well, what is that? That’s me! There is no God. I am next. Therefore truth becomes whatever advances me. And therefore if I have to eliminate [someone] because he is in the way of my advancement, that’s truth. [Ed. note: for the New Age religion of Thelema, its creed is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” – prominently displayed on their homepage at 4.]

“Now the American mind, the Mormon mind particularly, the Latter-day Saint mind has difficulty in dealing with something that cunning and that subtle, that devious. But that’s the mentality that we face.

“Now, realize you can take this one step further. Therefore, it is perfectly logical and truthful for me to propose a law that takes [someone’s] property away and gives it to me, provided I do it in the name of charity. Right? Because charity is good, right? Isn’t that what we are taught, that the works of charity, that if there is somebody poor or depressed or ignorant or hungry or cold or whatever then we must be charitable. A satanic charity is that we will enact a law that takes property away from some people and gives it to other people and that then becomes charity. That is legal, that is morally right. We have come to believe [this] in this country, that that is morally acceptable… we have embraced it with all of our hearts.

Our whole education system is based on it. Our welfare system structure is based on it. Millions, 50 millions subsist on it and live under it. And we accept it, we believe it, we vote for it, we endorse it, we embrace it, and it’s an amazing thing that we have come to that point.

“Bro. Benson, I used to ask him about his. He always got up and gave a talk on communism in [General] Conference. He went around the country teaching anti-communism. And he really got lambasted, regularly. Brigham Young University was his greatest enemy.

“And I said to him, ‘Bro. Benson, do you always give a talk on communism?’ He said, ‘Bro. Law, I would dearly love to give a talk on love, but Pres. McKay always calls me and says, ‘Brother Benson, we have need for another one of your good hard hitting anti-Communist talks.’’ And he said, ‘so I give them.’ I do remember Pres. McKay was our last [overtly] anti-Communist prophet. We haven’t heard a whisper of it since. Not a whisper… Pres. McKay had instructed Brother Benson,



Sgt Peppers cover - Aleister Crowley number 2

Sgt Peppers cover - Aleister Crowley number 2

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“Thelema is a spiritual philosophy (referred to by some as a religion) that was developed by the early 20th century British writer and ceremonial magician, Aleister Crowley…”

Crowley was referred to in the popular press of England as “the wickedest man in the world” during the 1960’s. Of the several dozen celebrities and prominent figures on the world-famous album cover of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Crowley’s image was prominently placed in the upper-left corner – in the number two position.

“The Thelemic pantheon includes a number of deities, focusing primarily on a trinity of deities adapted from ancient Egyptian religion… The religion is founded upon the idea that the 20th century marked the beginning of the Aeon of Horus, in which a new ethical code would be followed; "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". This statement indicates that adherents, who are known as Thelemites, should seek out and follow their own true path in life, known as their True Will rather than their egoic desires. The philosophy also emphasizes the ritual practice of Magick.”; and