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‘have Brother Law tell that [story of his] every chance he gets, to anybody that will listen.’…”

LDS Church Leaders Were “Ripped to

Shreds” by Those Both Inside and

Outside of the Church

By the time Harold B. Lee was President of the Church, insidious and intense external forces (unseen by the general membership) were pressuring the Church leadership to stop speaking out against the political doctrines, forms and tenets of socialism and communism. Even more pathetic was that it wasn’t just push-back and pressure from external sources – the Political Science, Law and other departments at BYU Provo vociferously fought the Church leaders’ efforts as well. It got to the point where the leadership determined that those who most strenuously undermined their efforts had to be removed from their positions at the university.

Brother Marion Law is not the only one who has detailed what the Church leaders faced at this time. W. Cleon Skousen spoke of it on a number of occasions. The following constitutes part of the transcript of one of Brother Skousen’s talks 5 (underlined emphasis interpreted from source, other emphasis added):

“Back around 1965 [Ed. note: just prior to the introduction of American counterculture and drug culture], President McKay said “I definitely want all the saints to begin studying what’s happening to our country, and what we can do about it.There was very little attention paid to it. I have the exact quote here; it’s rather astonishing. Nothing happened.

“[In] the next year, 1966, he had one of the apostles speak on the topic Be Ye Not Commanded In All Things [Ed. note: Skousen then paraphrases the meaning of this talk] “For he that must be commanded in all things is



W Cleon Skousen - Ripped Them To Shreds

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