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In an age of increasing hostility towards organized religion, and increased scapegoating in fallacious claims that many of societies ills originate from religious institutions, what better way to disguise the morals, ethics, codes, philosophies and doctrines of the mystery schools than to present them as existing wholly outside the framework of religion – that they are universally applied spiritual truths – that they are a fundamental part of mankind’s metaphysical nature?

In other words: secularize them.

This is precisely what has been done. Over the past century, mystery school theologies and tenets have been gradually infused into Western popular culture through secular channels. They now permeate the mindset of the general public as accepted “non-offensive truths.”

Three particular movements established to accomplish this include: Theosophy, Secular Humanism, and New Age Spiritualism. These have been created, funded and promoted within popular secular culture with the purpose of disguising what is Luciferian doctrine at its root. In every instance, the religiosity of the tenets have been made acceptable either through generalized, mystical, pretentiously-sophisticated grandiose terminology, or through whitewashing the spiritual aspects of Luciferian values by claiming to use scientific methods of searching for the virtues that best suit the human race. The former method makes such dogma easier to swallow and embrace for spiritually-minded people; the latter method is geared to appeal to academics, intellectuals and atheists. With either route, the end results are already plotted to arrive at the destination of mystery