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There are many highly legitimate practices that, although often infiltrated with New Age ideologies, are truly helpful for all mankind. Some examples would include chiropractics, many holistic medical practices, many herbal and natural medicine therapies, many natural and simplistic living practices, genuine efforts to discover and utilize “clean energy” as well as reduce the amount of pollution in this world.

An example of applying helpful knowledge and skills without being taken in by incorrect philosophies would be in learning a martial art. Learning Kung Fu helps one develop self-defense skills and keep oneself healthy. However, considering Eastern religious philosophies as legitimate and adopting meditative practices traditionally connected to Kung Fu are areas where one begins to be taken in by deception.

The more pure and simple and correct, the more the adversary attempts to infiltrate and co-opt and corrupt it. God creates, Satan imitates.

Although we can rejoice that Randall Baer embraced Jesus Christ and His Gospel, his story ends with tragedy. On May 5th, 1989, at the young age of 33, he was found dead. Since his life-changing experience and complete rejection of New Ageism, he began speaking out against it and sharing his story openly. He was last known to be driving back to his home in Colorado from a well-attended speaking engagement he had done in New Mexico. His car was found off the side of a windy road, but there were no skid marks where he had apparently gone off. His body was lying next to the car, but did not have the kinds of injuries consistent with the nature of the accident. Additionally, his briefcase had been tampered with. This and other circumstantial evidence suggests that his death was a deliberate homicide with misleading, staged evidence at the scene 14. Nevertheless, he had completed the manuscript of his last book Inside the New Age Nightmare, and it was published posthumously per his wishes.

No Greater Dissemination Tool

Than the Enthusiastic Dupe

If there is any one tool that works in mystery school initiates’ favor most, it is the person who is honest-in-heart yet deceived into wholeheartedly embracing a falsehood. They thereby promulgate the deception with powerful conviction unto all those whom they influence. A term for such persons, supposedly coined by Vladimir Lenin (but unsubstantiated), is “useful idiots.”

Unfortunately, we are all useful idiots in one propensity or another. Our challenge is to prayerfully and objectively discover the areas and manner in



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