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which we are.

One area where New Ageism is innocuously being crammed down the throats of the public through the venue of useful idiots – who posture themselves as experts, as Randall Baer did – is in the Self Help / Self Improvement industry, all but dominated by New Age philosophy. It is the primary arena wherein it is perfectly disguised as benevolent secular wisdom, compatible with every belief system known to man.

The New York Times Best-Seller book list has been dominated for decades by self help books written by high-profile, highly promoted “experts.” Nationally syndicated radio and TV talk shows regularly feature such “experts” on their shows. Influential media personalities highly endorse such “experts” and their works. The minds of men, women and children across the nation (if not the world) have been inundated with feel-good New Age tripe for nearly two generations now. There is absolutely nothing positive or benign about this.

TV host and celebrity personality Oprah Winfrey has been especially successful and influential in spreading a cascade of New Age material into the minds of the public. Despite that she often refers to herself as a Christian, she has expressed some apparently-heartfelt convictions during broadcasts of her show revealing that she denies Christ’s divinity, denies that Christ is the only Way, Truth and Life, and that she adheres to the kind of mystic Christianity put forth by New Agers 15. Like Randall Baer, it is likely that she is not intentionally deceiving – truly, there are very few in this world who are intentionally deceiving. Nevertheless, she is definitely playing a critical role as useful idiot in the dissemination of New Age dogma.

Self-Awareness Groups Incorporate

New Age Philosophies and

Mystery School Brainwashing Practices

As part of the Self Help craze, there has been a powerful movement to embrace that which is referred to as Self-Awareness Groups or Large-Group Awareness Training (LGAT). The foundations, teachings and procedures of these groups have their origins rooted in a mixture of Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Eastern Religions (especially Taoism), Humanism, and firmly in New Ageism. In a nutshell, the pedigree of these groups is as follows (emphasis added):

1) The Human Potential Movement

“The Human Potential Movement (HPM) arose out of the milieu of the



Oprah denies Christ’s divinity

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