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Forum. Erhard later said, “I have a lot of respect for L. Ron Hubbard and I consider him to be a genius and perhaps less acknowledged than he ought to be.” [Ed. note: L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of Scientology, and was a prodigy of Aleister “The Wickedest Man In The World” Crowley 19.]…

In 1970, Erhard became involved in Mind Dynamics… Erhard subsequently trained as a Mind Dynamics instructor with [Alexander] Everett, and took over the San Francisco Mind Dynamics franchise, teaching classes in San Francisco and soon also Los Angeles.

““est”, short for Erhard Seminars Training, also Latin for “It is,” offered intensive communications and self-empowerment workshops. Their purpose was “to transform one’s ability to experience living so that the situations one had been trying to change or had been putting up with, clear up just in the process of life itself.” Participants at est workshops had to adhere to strict rules and were given designated breaks for bathroom visits and one meal break. They were not permitted to smoke, eat or drink during the workshop. Sessions lasted from 9:00 am to midnight or the early hours of the morning, with one meal break. Participants were frequently referred to as “estholes”; they had to hand over wristwatches and were not allowed to take notes, or to speak unless called upon, in which case they had to wait for a microphone to be brought to them. The second day of the workshop featured the “danger process”. Groups of participants were brought onto the stage and confronted by est staff, trying to provoke a reaction; afterwards, participants were asked to “imagine that they were afraid of everyone else and then that everyone else was afraid of them.” This was followed by lectures on the third and fourth days, covering topics such as reality and the nature of the mind, ending with the conclusion that “what is, is and what ain’t, ain’t,” and that “true enlightenment is knowing you are a machine.” Participants were told they were perfect the way they were and were asked to indicate by a show of hands if they “had gotten it”… est centers opened in Los Angeles, Aspen, Honolulu and New York, and est was enthusiastically endorsed by celebrities such as John Denver and Valerie Harper.

“In 1991, Erhard retired from business, sold his then-existing intellectual property to a group of his former employees (who formed Landmark Education) and moved abroad.” 20


“John Hanley Sr. founded Lifespring in 1974 after working at an organization called Mind Dynamics with Werner Erhard… The Lifespring trainings generally involved a three-level program starting with a “Basic” training, an “Advanced” breakthrough course, and a 3-month “Leadership Program” which taught the students how to implement what they learned from the training into their lives…

“[An] independent study found that, “The merging, grandiosity, and



Crowley and Hubbard Oct 5 1969 The Sunday Times

Crowley and Hubbard Oct 5 1969 The Sunday Times

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L Ron Hubbard Oct 5 1969 The Sunday Times

L Ron Hubbard Oct 5 1969 The Sunday Times

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