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“Berger has been in the self-awareness business since 1985, and his programs have attracted thousands of participants. Harmony was incorporated in February 1997, with Scott Giles as its sole shareholder and Berger as general manager…

“Initially, Harmony conducted its own training sessions and directly employed trainers. By the end of 1997, Berger had formed Light Training to provide trainers to Harmony. Berger subsequently formed Quest Development to hold property in Summit County and Cambridge Associates to contract for special training sessions tailored for business and professional employees, the lawsuit says.

“Last spring [2006], The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement saying the church does not endorse “commercial enterprises promising heightened self-esteem, improved family relationships, increased spirituality and the like.” Although the statement did not mention Harmony by name, many observers speculated it was one target because about 50 percent of its participants were Mormons.

“A memo circulating among Harmony graduates acknowledges that Harmony’s “trainings have gone down extreme and unusual spiritual paths” and that trainers have “taken steps that anger the predominant Utah faith.”

“As a result, the memo said, the number of Harmony enrollees has dropped because some graduates “cannot bear to abandon their faith for their training.””

This did not deter Hans Berger. Shortly thereafter he established Impact Trainings, which has surpassed Harmony in popularity and continues to gain LDS adherents who fiercely defend Berger and enthusiastically recruit family members, friends and fellow ward members to enroll in his program.

Comparison of LDS Leaders’ Warnings

to Self-Awareness Group Training

A previous attendee of Impact Training – who also has several adult children deeply involved in it – related what she witnessed personally in the training, and changes she has seen in her own children, and compared it with the warnings of the First Presidency (ALL CAPS emphasis original, other emphasis added) 28:

1. Challenge religious and moral values or advocate unwarranted confrontation with spouse or family members as a means of reaching one’s potential.

“As a part of the Lift Off training, trainees are asked to write a letter to a



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