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D. Rolling Kearney


“These gigantic media corporations do not exist to objectively tell the truth to the American people… Do you think that anyone in the mainstream news would actually tell you that the Federal Reserve is bad for America or that we are facing a horrific derivatives bubble that could destroy the entire world financial system? Do you think that anyone in the mainstream media would actually tell you the truth about the deindustrialization of America or the truth about the voracious greed of Goldman Sachs?

Sure there are a few courageous reporters in the mainstream media that manage to slip a few stories past their corporate bosses from time to time, but in general there is a very clear understanding that there are simply certain things that you just do not say in the mainstream news… Americans are becoming increasingly hungry for the truth, and they are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the dumbed down pablum that is passing as “hard hitting news" these days…

“Fortunately, an increasing number of Americans are starting to wake up and are realizing that the mainstream media should not be trusted. According to a new poll just released by Gallup, the number of Americans that have little to no trust in the mainstream media (57%) is at an all-time high.

“That is one reason why we have seen the alternative media experience such rapid growth over the past few years. The mainstream media has been losing credibility at a staggering rate, and Americans are starting to look elsewhere for the truth about what is really going on.”

The most telling aspect of these six entities is not so much what they choose to broadcast to the public – it is what they disallow or strive to silently censor. On March 14th, 1998, the perennial comedy skit show Saturday Night Live aired a short cartoon called Conspiracy Theory Rock – which parodies the style of the 1970’s educational animated series for children, School House Rock. In this parody, a caricature of a dirty hippie (a