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typical stereotype for conspiracy “kooks”) sings about a “Media-opoly,” and proceeds to give details of how five major corporations were then buying up dozens of smaller media outlets. It goes on to briefly detail how such corporations proceed to manipulate media content and silence unfavorable voices, and how they were (and still are) abusing political connections at the federal level for economic and military contract favors. It even discusses how broadcast feeds are often abruptly and mysteriously cut when highly sensitive content (i.e. highly revealing of actual conspiracy) manages to be aired.

Despite this cartoon’s premise of only being a big joke, and a mockery of conspiracy theorists, much of its contents are startlingly accurate – so much so that it was removed from re-runs and has never aired again. It is included in the supporting material 11.

Chances are, you discovered this book through an alternative media source, or were made aware of it through a friend or relative who now distrusts the mainstream media. Please continue to support alternative news providers, corruption researchers and whistleblowers. Let’s pray that the number of Americans who distrust mainstream media, and instead choose to rely on alternative sources, continues at an even more rapid rate.

Neutralize Legitimate Social and Political Concerns

Through Marginalization

In conjunction with the Bandwagon tactic, mainstream media is utilized in powerful force in shaping public opinion, in formulating and reinforcing labels and stereotypes, and in setting boundaries of what is appropriate to discuss and debate about. Anything outside of such boundaries is established as fringe, and it is an unspoken rule that fringe topics are considered highly flawed or suspect and not to be given any credence.

“Fringe – a topic, concept, idea or political position that is considered “outside” of the prevailing or mainstream view… Examples include pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, unproven claims about alternative medicine, pseudohistory and so forth.” 12

No matter how valid the evidence presented, nor how accurate the allegations brought forth, nor how critical the subject matter within, this book would definitely be considered a “fringe” book.

Establish Gatekeepers

“Gatekeeper – a person who controls access to something, for example via a city gate… In the late 20th century the term came into metaphorical



Conspiracy Theory Rock Mediaopoly

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