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(whose eyes and ears itch only for that which is “positive”) either refuse to harken to these victims, or cast unwarranted judgment upon their characters.

The Humanitarian Deception:

“They do so much good! How can they be bad?”

After taking in the evidence and quotes that this book has presented thus far, one can utilize their own discernment and intellect as to how this tactic works in favor of wealthy, publicly-recognized individuals connected to secret combinations. Review some of the “great humanitarians” who have been lauded by the world, for whatever “charitable acts” they have done or causes they have donated to. Then critically analyze why they would donate to such charities or foundations, or promote such causes. (As will be touched upon later in this book, all too often “charitable” funds are carefully channeled into privileged pockets or go towards funding covert activities.)

One thing I will mention, however: pollution is real, there is a lot of it, and it needs to be dealt with intelligently and effectively – yet, sadly, no large entities are actually doing so. This is because mass pollutions are being encouraged and carried out as part of another thesis, antithesis, synthesis tactic – i.e. create and exacerbate a problem, manipulate both sides (in this case: truly concerned environmentalists vs pro-big-business groups), then implement a predetermined solution). However, Global Warming is a fraud, and the solutions being heavily pushed to “solve” it not only will not solve it, they will accelerate the goals of Mystery Babylon.

Agent Provocateur

“Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for “inciting agent(s)") is an agent employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action…

“A political organization or government may use agents provocateurs against political opponents. The provocateurs try to incite the opponent to do counter-productive or ineffective acts to foster public disdain—or provide a pretext for aggression against the opponent…

“New York City police officers were accused of acting as agents provocateurs during protests against the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City.

“Denver police officers were also found to have used undercover