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can be justly laid at the door of the Socialist-Communist Conspiracy, which is led by masters of deceit who deceive the very elect.

Our challenge is to keep America strong and free – strong socially, strong economically, and, above all, strong spiritually, if our way of life is to endure. There is no other way. Only in this course is there safety for our nation.

In this mighty struggle each of you has a part. Every person on the earth today chose the right side during the war in heaven. Be on the right side now. Stand up and be counted. If you get discouraged remember the words of Edward Everett Hale when he said:

I am only one, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, that I ought to do, And what I ought to do, By the grace of God, I shall do!

Ezra Taft Benson 1, 1966, then-Apostle, later-President

I regret to say, indeed I am almost ashamed to say, that at the moment, our military branches seem [to be] in almost complete control of our own government. They appear to dominate Congress, and under the circumstances, we may assume they are in sufficient control of our foreign relations to be able to set the international scene.

It looks clear that we are today getting the same sort of propaganda of half-truths, told in the same evasive ways, with equivalent hints and dark forebodings that preceded the last war… [W]e of the United States are, for the first time in our history, under a real threat from our military arm, and that if the plans of the militarists carry, we shall become as thoroughly militarized as was Germany at her best, or worst.

Certain it is we are being generously dosed with that sovereign narcotic, which designing militarists have in the past always administered to their peoples, the doctrine that to ensure peace we must maintain a great army and gigantic armaments. But this ignores, indeed conceals, the unvarying historical fact that big armies have always brought, not peace, but war which has ended in a hate that in due course brings another war…

While the gospel of the [Founding] Fathers guided us, we had peace. When we forsook it, two great wars engulfed us. What has our apostasy from peace cost us?



Stand Up For Freedom speech, Feb 11, 1966


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