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impact statement. There were only five of us that made victim impact statements. Three of them spoke with very thick accents – I could hardly understand them. The fourth one was my wife, Lori, whose statement didn’t have a lot of facts in it, because she was intimidated by the judge’s statement right before she got up there. And mine, where I ripped the government, ripped the media for not reporting on this story. But if you look at the media, the media articles about me, hardly anything’s mentioned…

One of them had the nerve to ask me, “Why did you feel the need to make that statement in open court today?” and I said, Are you kidding me? Because you never report any of this!”

Mainstream Media Refuses To
Explore Haskell’s Allegations

On the morning of February 20th, 2012, mere days after Umar’s sentencing hearing, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Senior Washington Correspondent Mickey McCarter appeared on C-SPAN’s show Washington Journal.

The show’s host took some viewers calls, four of whom asked direct questions of Mr. McCarter about the conflicting reports of how Umar, the underwear bomber, managed to get on the plane without a visa (let alone a passport). They also pressed him to address Haskell’s testimony of at least one government agent thwarting Amsterdam’s security, ensuring Umar got on the plane. McCarter casually, callously and indifferently brushed off each caller’s question, claiming that he had no knowledge:

The Department of Homeland Security’s Senior Washington correspondent – unaware of any claims whatsoever that Umar was escorted onto the plane?! Unaware of Kurt Haskell’s well-circulated eyewitness account?! Completely unaware of the scathing accusations of the federal government which a victim delivered in federal court?!

Again, from the Police Chief’s Letter to Aid & Abet Newsletter:

Many people still do not understand this. They don’t understand that this



C-SPAN callers vs DHS Senior Correspondent brazenly lying

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