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(You might consider posting this somewhere — it shows people can change their minds as you did! An important ability, associated with moral agency.)

Best Regards, Steven Jones

Dr. Jones, this book was inspired in part by you, your work, your meekness and your bravery. I have shared the video of your presentation at Utah Valley University in 2006 (included in the supporting material 2) with all my friends and family who would take the time to watch it. I pray that this book and its distribution stand as a testimony to all that repentance is real and extended to all. Also, I pray that this book stands as a testament to all LDS brethren and sisters throughout the world, as well as all faithful followers of Jesus Christ, of the importance of awakening to our awful situation and recognizing how we are blinded and led captive by Mystery Babylon.

It is not too late to wake up, stand up and fight against the kingdom of the devil.

It is not too late go through a mighty change of heart.

It is never too late to make a difference.



Dr. Steven Jones' 9-11 Presentation at UVU 2006

Download the Video: MP4 (299.5 MB)