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One thing that is critical to realize: whether or not all of the things presented in this book are completely factual and accurate about ancient Egypt doesn’t matter. What does matter is that what I present in this book is accurate in presenting what the modern secret societies actually believe originated and was practiced in ancient Egypt. All that matters is what they believe, because it is their beliefs (a majority of which are rooted in ancient Egypt) that give them purpose, goals, vision, and motive.

Through their own experts’ writings, we are able to get an understanding of their core beliefs — especially from the works that were written for the initiates. Throughout the rest of this book, I will be quoting from a number of influential Masonic or other authoritative esoteric authors, Manly P. Hall in particular. Mr. Hall wrote many acclaimed, revered books and gave dozens of lectures throughout his life on ancient teachings and arcane matters. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Masonic writer to have ever lived. For an LDS comparison, one can argue that Masons look upon Manly P. Hall with the same regards that the LDS look upon Hugh Nibley — as a genius in a class of his own.

Mr. Hall wrote the following in his book Freemasonry and the Ancient Egyptians, a segment of which is included in the supporting material 1 (emphasis added):

“We are assured in the authorized version of Holy Writ [Ed. note: authorized — are there unauthorized versions not available to the public?] that the magicians of Egypt changed their staves or rods into serpents in the presence of Pharaoh. The modern scientist does not live who can duplicate that phenomenon…

“In Egypt we are dealing unquestionably with true manifestations of occult power. The learned author of Art Magic presents what may be accepted as a reasonable accurate estimation of the priest-magicians of the old Egyptian Mysteries.

“‘They were highly educated, scientific men. They understood the nature of the lodestone [naturally magnetic stones], the virtues of mineral and animal magnetism, which, together with the force of psychological impression, constituted a large portion of their theurgic practices. [Note: “theurgic” is defined as “the divine or supernatural agency in human affairs” and “beneficent magic as taught and performed by Egyptian Neoplatonists and others”]

“They perfectly understood the art of reading the innermost secrets of the soul, of impressing the susceptible imagination by enchantment and fascination, of sending their own spirits forth from their body which many modern metaphysical teachers claim that they can do, as clairvoyance, under the action of powerful will — in fact, they were masters of the art now known as mesmerism,



Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians by Manly P Hall

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